Hello my dear friends.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Marijana, I am 23 years old, I am  coming from Podgorica capital city of Montenegro.

Montenegro is a small country in Southeast Europe.

I came here in Alcobendas-Madrid as an EVS volunteer for 9 months project.

I dicide to quit my job in the kitchen (my profession) and try this kind of opportunity.

I like to cook, but there are more interesting things that I can do.

Like many of us I like challenges and I didn’t try a lot of things, so here I am.

Challenging myself with big city opposite of my litlle city Podgorica, different description of people, opiniones, wishes..

Here alone  without my family and friends and other things that I am used to it.

Another place of living, living with people I don’t know.

But it’s a big challenge in  the other hand because I can find out my possibilities, the habits of these people, their culture  and a different way of life.

Trying to learn a new language and their lifestyle.

Trying to find my own way and to figure out what I want to learn from this opportunity I have now. But I am here to do my best.

I will give something  and take something from this experience.

I will give advice to you:

‘Stop compenting yourself find the way, move and try new things’

And I really like this sentence:

‘Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxtion is who you are.’

So I am taking each day as one opportunity to learn about myself. Of course

sometimes I will rise and fall, but that is okay.

Next few months you can see and read here how is going with this my challeng in Spain.

‘Next step’

25 of December 2018 Christmas day

Christmas day was really nice with the others EVS girls from: Romania, Austria, Germany and Lithuania.

But on this day I really miss my family. I think that is normal because Christmas is a family day.

Day with a lot of good food. I think every country wait for this day, when you just forget about rules of eating and diets.

Everybody is enjoying at delicious food and getting two kilos more.

So yes we made a lot of food, for someone was the first time making by themselves.

Good thing  that we can improve our skills  with doing some things that we didn’t do before.

After the dinner the second favourite thing is present.

I mean who don’t like the presents?

Each present that I got from this girls was special in some way.

But interesting things that I didn’t know about Spain?

They open the presents on 6 th January.

Because they have the other tradition.

They have first traditional celebration about 3 kings ‘ Los Reyes Magos’.

If someone of you don’t know, three kings are the first visitors after the birth of Jesus and they bring a presents for him.

First they make like a big masquerade here in the city,  with a lot of different costumes and kind of kip of statue.

And they give a lot of candys for kids.

This year they made 23 of grups, and of course in the end are three kings.

After the presetacion everybody go home.

And opening the presents can start.

They take a shoe of person and put at the present that is for him\her.

So in that way they know for who is which one.

For me this is really ineresting one because we usually open them on the christmas.

Just to know on this day they the same eat a cake of ‘Reyes’.

And now about the New Year.

Interesting is how Spanish people celebrate the New Year.

In the midnight they eat 12 grapes, and for each grap you have one second.

It’s hard if you have a big ones.

Advice is usually good luck.

The 12 grapes symbolize 12 lucky months ahead.

Me and the others survive this one.

So our year can continue with new adventures waiting for us.

I hope so that you will like my stories.

Bye mi amigos.

Till the next time.